Wren 30cm Square
Drawing and stitch are closely related in my work. Both are about the making of marks  I use materials collected as part of my daily exchanges and longer travels to make small objects, book forms and collage pieces which I describe as 'stitch sketches'  These small pieces have specific narratives. Reflecting the natural world and more intimate spaces of the garden, personal stories, travels and histories, I seek to capture a moment in time. (my work approaches are described in Stitch Stories.) 

Stitch Sketches and small works are one-of-kind and are not reproduced as prints. They are backed onto watercolour paper and are suitable for framing. Prices range £35-150 for unframed pieces. More examples of small pieces at Tictail

Please contact me if you would like further information or to see examples.
Winter Trees Sold

I feel very privileged to have such a beautiful 'sketchbook' to admire as I turn the pages.  You have such a gift for capturing and interpreting the beauty of ephemeral things  
In Ancient Footsteps1-3
In Ancient Footsteps 9

Waterland Birds (£35) Sold

What a treat to have these beautiful pieces. Whilst I have admired your work for some time via images on the internet the pieces are so much more up close. The depth and layering is invisible in photographs but when seen in reality the works have a delicate substance and subtle beauty that you really can't appreciate from a computer image. I am so delighted - and fortunate - to have them. The pieces have cheered my day and will give me pleasure every time I look at them. Thank you.  (Helen from Australia)

Ranscombe Tansy (sold)
Winter Blues Series (sold)
' Red Vase' collage and paint and pencil sketch sold to a private collector

Flora-post. Wild Poppies. This postcard is represented in Plantlifes campaign to raise awareness of wildflowers and the environment

 'Fenland' (sold)
Watering Can 15cm (£80)
Cup Sketch

Jardines  Handkerchief (Sold)
Tree and Bowl (Sold)

 Garden Postcards 1-4 (sold) 

Deep Blue (sold)
Crow (sold)
Hemlock (sold)
 Iris Canvas 20cm Square £95 each
 Wild Roses 2
 Wild Roses 3 (sold)
Onion (sold)

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